About Us

Who We Are

“Quite the fun bunch that lives to get out and go” - wherever, whenever.

We are driven by an unstoppable desire to connect and enable others in the pursuit of moments that matter so that you can share your story of a life lived outside. We are doers and we’re tellers. All together, we believe in a few things that are important to us, because they guide us everyday in every way. 

We Believe Moments Matter

  1. We believe that stories have the power to change the world.
  2. We believe that life itself is the actual story and you are the author - so tell it.
  3. We believe that people should live life in pursuit of the moments that take your breath away.
  4. We believe that BeAlive is a team sport, so those you choose to do it with matters.
  5. We believe that we all have a great responsibility to take those that have never been before.
  6. We believe that epic is individual, so to each their own.
  7. We believe that life can’t live itself. It needs you. 

We are after laughter

Do you know why?

Because it sounds the same in every language.

So Live on and story on in hopes of being a multiplier for good.