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Nature is part of you and it's powerful. It’s bigger than you are, but that’s the point. You belong to something outside yourself. It steadies you. You’re part of it, and it’s part of you. Always has been. Nature is familiar but never dull. You need to move, need to be outside. You’re drawn to nature. It’s where you can relax, where you feel at home.


My Adventure Life — Brandon Palaniuk

Join Zak Shelhamer as he interviews Bassmaster Angler of the Year Brandon Palaniuk on his origins, bass fishing tips for beginners, how he prepares for fishing tournaments, why he creates content.
Jacques Houot

Young at Heart — Why Frenchy Believes There are No Problems

Frenchy is 83-YEARS-OLD. And he’s STILL skiing and cycling. Every damn day. We’d say the man deserves a medal, but who are we kidding? He already has a wall of them.

Jim Baird

It All Comes Full Circle — How One Man & Four Paws Changed My Life

“Let’s choose a route where we portage all the time and then paddle up river endlessly,” my brother Ted says….

Maddie Brenneman

Why Maddie Brenneman Didn’t Love Fly Fishing…and How It All Changed

Maddie Brenneman is having phone trouble. “Can you hear me now?” she asks through the receiver. She’s using FaceTime Audio….


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Courtney Nicolson

Courtney Nicolson

HuntLife · Angler · Conservationist
Brandon Palaniuk

Brandon Palaniuk

Professional Angler
Chris Keefer

Chris Keefer

HuntLife · Expedition · Survival
Jeff Currier

Jeff Currier

Top Fly Angler


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