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We’re champions of the stories untold and the ideas once thought impossible. We believe that when ideas mature into stories, they become true seeds for change.

After all, a story that’s never told isn’t a story at all. 

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Rivers Are Life

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Imagine, for a moment, that you live in a floating home on a lake. You rely on the lake for personal and professional needs–water for gardening, drinking, and cooking, as well as fish to eat and fish to sell to support your family. This has been your family’s way of life for generations. But now you begin to notice a decrease in fish that is met with an increase in trash coming from the local river. What can you do to fight the trash invasion?

Our Community

Being a responsible company is not just an obligation - it's who we are. At BeAlive, we’re optimists about the world we want, but we’re realists about the world we have. That realism is what drives our commitment to taking part in great work with great people. We aim to be multipliers for good – and difference makers by design.

We believe in enabling the pursuit of moments that matter while
making a conscious effort to protect the places we play.

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Rivers are Life featured in Forbes

The survey, published by the Rivers are Life coalition in partnership with Louisiana State University has been featured on Forbes. This article dives into the affects river pollution has on human health.

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Impact Priorities

supporting Shared spaces

Community is built from the ground up, so we want to protect the locations we depend on from top to bottom. This includes finding meaningful ways to give back to all the spaces where people find each other (and sometimes themselves).

getting people out there

The barriers that keep people from adventuring need to be broken down. Whether those prohibiting factors are lack of resources or an exclusionary stigma, we want to play a role in ensuring everyone feels welcome in the places we play.

inspiring moments that matter

We believe in not just sharing the spotlight, but pointing it straight at those working for the causes we all should care about. BeAlive exists to tell the stories of those doing meaningful work, knowing that by doing so, we can help their efforts go even further.