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BeAlive was founded in 2018 to deliver on simplistic goods that help enable the moments that matter. 

There is no more forward facing expression of who we are and what we stand for than the clothes we wear on our back. They show the soul, express our attitude, and project our passions. In other words, we are what we wear. 

At BeAlive, we want your outward expression to be everything you want it to be. We won’t tell you how, when or where to BeAlive simply because epic is individual, but you can be damn sure we’re going to encourage you to find your Alive and ride it until it bucks. All that we ask is that you take us with you when you go.


It's In The Details

There is something about designing things from scratch. Paving your own way. We like that. Each new line of headwear from the 1884-2020 are designed the way we want them from fit, to design, to final touches. The subtleties make a difference.

The Hooper
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I love this hat! It’s so warm, and is the perfect fit. I ordered this and the Horizon Hoodie, and can’t wait to wear them again next time I go camping.

Grace (verified owner) – April 13, 2023

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Our Commitment

Giving Back Program

We are committed to giving back. Be a part of the progress with us. Each purchase can help support our Passionworx Projects through round-up programs and donation offerings.

Moments Matter



Maddie Brenneman reflects on the lessons only a river can teach as she pursues her passion to catch & release Trout around the world. Maddie is a Rocky Mountain fly fishing guide and conservationist who has taken the sport by storm



Everybody deserves a break. You know, that time where you can relax, and let loose. We do this quite often. You should join us.

Our Story

“Quite the fun bunch that lives to get out and go” - wherever, whenever. We are driven by an unstoppable desire to Enable the Pursuit of Moments That Matter.

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