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California Bluefin Tuna Fishing - Episode 1

Oliver and Cobi are West Coast bound to see the return of the California bluefin tuna

My Adventure Life — Brandon Palaniuk

Join Zak Shelhamer as he interviews Bassmaster Angler of the Year Brandon Palaniuk on his origins, bass fishing tips for beginners, how he prepares for fishing tournaments, why he creates content.

Surfing Iceland During the Winter Solstice

Tom Park and friends embarked on a 15 day expedition to Iceland during the winter solstice. The arrived in the most cold and dark two weeks of the northern hemisphere and experienced one of the coldest, roughest, most rewarding trips of their lives.

Climber's Internal Dialogue - Bouldering Jumpman in Colorado V14/8B+

Watch Paul Robinson solve the problem that is the Jumpman Boulder in Colorado.

California Bluefin Tuna Fishing - Episode 2

The boys are back for round 2 challenging these massive fish Fishing  |   9:31

Fowler Cactus Cooking Crawfish in the Wild

Watch how Fowler uses a cactus hot pocket and his special spices over a fire to cook crawfish. Adventure  |   6:48

My Adventure Life — Pro Ski BASE Jumper Matthias Giraud

What inspires someone to become a professional Ski BASE jumper? How do you come back after a life threatening accident? Adventure  |   48:06

Costa Rica with Oliver Ngy & Cobi Pellerito - Episode 3

Cobi catches 7 new species in just one day, including his first yellowfin tuna Fishing  |   11:47

Costa Rica with Cobi Pellerito and Oliver Ngy - Episode 2

After exploring the freshwater fishing experience they travel to the coast to chase saltwater species. Fishing  |   9:07

Baird Bros – Episode 6

Journeys End | Baird Bros. Temagami Wilderness Ep. 6 Adventure  |   13:56

China Plank Walk in Mt Hua Shan

Shocking heights of this plank walk nearby one of the most dangerous hikes of the world Adventure  |   1:27

Baird Bros – Episode 5

Bushcraft Lessons from Aboriginal Elder | Baird Bros. Temagami Wilderness Ep. 5 Adventure  |   14:16

My First 100 BASE Jumps with Abraham Hernandez

Congrats Abraham on your first 100 BASE jumps, and many thanks for filming all of them! Adventure  |   3:17

California Canyoneering - Jump Trip Canyon

In the North Fork of Kings River, you will find one of the most amazing experiences Adventure  |   1:28

Baird Bros - Episode 4

Portaging SUCKS - Temagami Wilderness Episode 4 Adventure  |   13:07

Surfing Zipline BASE Jump

There comes a point when surfing down a zipline into a BASE jump is just plain fun. Adventure  |   0:43

Paraglider Skier Triggers Avalanche

Somewhere in France a paraglider skier triggers an avalanche Adventure  |   1:29

Baird Bros - Episode 3

Swamp Flies and Double Rainbows | Baird Brothers: Temagami Wilderness Ep3 Adventure  |   11:49

Paragliding Off the Bernese Alps

Mario Heller and friends paraglide down the Bernese Alps with thick fog Adventure  |   1:00

Costa Rica with Cobi Pellerito and Oliver Ngy - Episode 1

Bass bros Oliver Ngy and Cobi Pellerito are on the ultimate guys trip to Costa Rica. Fishing  |   8:45

Reaching for the Andes Part 2

14 Year Old, Tyler Armstrong, Climbs Andes Mountain (Part 2) Adventure  |   11:15

Matt Galland Scrambles Up Petit Piton

Matt shares his mountaineering experience Adventure  |   2:31

Baird Brothers - Episode 2

Ancient Pictographs Under Thunderstorms - Temagami Wilderness Episode 2 Adventure  |   11:45

RJ Ripper – Nepal MTB Champion

RJ’s story is one of boundless dreaming and unstoppable determination Adventure  |   19:13

Fisherman, Surfer, and Musician Nathan Ollenburger

Portrait of a Fisherman and a Surfer, Musician, Songwriter with Nathan Ollenburger Adventure  |   5:11

Leaf Skiing in Southern France

Insane ski chase through the woods on leaves Adventure  |   1:32

Slacklining Over Carbondale

One slackline. Two cliffs. Adventure  |   2:07

Kayaking Yosemite Water Slide

Whitewater and speed on Tenaya Creek Adventure  |   2:01

The Rigid Designator

Ice climbing a frozen waterfall with Jack Perry Adventure  |   2:33

Cobi Pellerito

Foam river fishing Fishing  |   2:50

Utah Base Jump

With GoPro athlete Marshall Miller Adventure  |   1:11

Foraging The Bay Area

Kevin Feinstein on grokking plants Adventure  |   3:16

Mile High 25

Part tournament, part festival, all fun Fishing  |   3:12

Jeff Currier

Aiming to catch 500 species Fishing  |   6:39

Oregon Cliff Jumping

With Zak Shelhamer Adventure  |   1:48

Across The Heartland

Transplant recipient Brandon Kerrigan bikes 2,800 miles across the U.S. Adventure  |   7:57