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Costa Rica with Cobi Pellerito and Oliver Ngy - Episode 1

Bass bros Oliver Ngy and Cobi Pellerito are on the ultimate guys trip to Costa Rica. Episode 1 - Freshwater Fishing Fishing  |   8:45

Reaching for the Andes Part 2

14 Year Old, Tyler Armstrong, Climbs Andes Mountain (Part 2) Adventure  |   11:15

Matt Galland Scrambles Up Petit Piton

Matt shares his mountaineering experience Adventure  |   2:31

Costa Rica with Cobi Pellerito and Oliver Ngy - Episode 2

After exploring the freshwater fishing experience they travel to the coast to chase saltwater species. Episode 2 - Saltwater Fishing Fishing  |   9:07

My First 100 BASE Jumps with Abraham Hernandez

Congrats Abraham on your first 100 BASE jumps, and many thanks for filming all of them! Adventure  |   3:17

Surfing Zipline BASE Jump

There comes a point when surfing down a zipline into a BASE jump is just plain fun. Adventure  |   0:43

Paraglider Skier Triggers Avalanche

Somewhere in France a paraglider skier triggers an avalanche Adventure  |   1:29

Paragliding Off the Bernese Alps

Mario Heller and friends paraglide down the Bernese Alps with thick fog Adventure  |   1:00

Baird Bros - Episode 4

Portaging SUCKS - Temagami Wilderness Episode 4 Adventure  |   13:07

Baird Bros - Episode 3

Swamp Flies and Double Rainbows | Baird Brothers: Temagami Wilderness Ep3 Adventure  |   11:49

Himalayan Snowcock Hunting

This Project Upland Original Film follows a journey that is more like a sheep hunt than a bird hunt Hunting  |   7:15

Baird Brothers - Episode 2

Ancient Pictographs Under Thunderstorms - Temagami Wilderness Episode 2 Adventure  |   11:45

RJ Ripper – Nepal MTB Champion

RJ’s story is one of boundless dreaming and unstoppable determination Adventure  |   19:13

Fisherman, Surfer, and Musician Nathan Ollenburger

Portrait of a Fisherman and a Surfer, Musician, Songwriter with Nathan Ollenburger Adventure  |   5:11

Leaf Skiing in Southern France

Insane ski chase through the woods on leaves Adventure  |   1:32

Slacklining Over Carbondale

One slackline. Two cliffs. Adventure  |   2:07

"Full Circle" By Blood Origins

Sheep hunting in New Mexico Hunting  |   12:44

Kayaking Yosemite Water Slide

Whitewater and speed on Tenaya Creek Adventure  |   2:01

The Rigid Designator

Ice climbing a frozen waterfall with Jack Perry Adventure  |   2:33

Cobi Pellerito

Foam river fishing Fishing  |   2:50

Utah Base Jump

With GoPro athlete Marshall Miller Adventure  |   1:11

Foraging The Bay Area

Kevin Feinstein on grokking plants Adventure  |   3:16

Mile High 25

Part tournament, part festival, all fun Fishing  |   3:12

Jeff Currier

Aiming to catch 500 species Fishing  |   6:39

90 Mi. Alaskan SUP

Andrew Muse on the Kenai River Adventure  |   3:20

Oregon Cliff Jumping

With Zak Shelhamer Adventure  |   1:48

Across The Heartland

Transplant recipient Brandon Kerrigan bikes 2,800 miles across the U.S. Adventure  |   7:57


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