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Himalayan Snowcock Hunting

This Project Upland Original Film follows a journey that is more like a sheep hunt than a bird hunt. This rarely seen bird is found at elevations above 10,000 feet. On the tops of those mountains three men converge in this unforgiving land.

This film tackles head-on the ethics of wingshooting versus shooting a bird on the ground, particularly when it comes to a bird traditionally hunted with rifles overseas. “If you let it fly, and you take that shot, the chances are its going to go 2000 feet down to the bottom of a canyon and you may not retrieve it. There is nothing ethical about shooting a bird you cannot retrieve.”

Keefer Bros.

Alaska, Yukon, and New Zealand expeditions Hunting  |   3:58

"Full Circle" By Blood Origins

Sheep hunting in New Mexico Hunting  |   12:44