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Michael Mathieu
With a background spanning more than 20 years of leading technology-focused brands to success, BeAlive Chief Executive Officer Michael Mathieu is an experienced Fortune 500 organizational leader. Known for his people-first leadership style in building world-class teams and cultures, Mathieu brings a litany of executive level experience in digital video, interactive and technology division leadership to the BeAlive team. From AT&T to Freedom Communications and more, he’s launched from than two dozen products into the marketplace and driven sales and valuations in excess of $2 billion. ”I’m passionate about positioning people, products and processes for maximum success.”

Casey Keefer
Casey Keefer and his brother Chris gained notoriety in the outdoor sportsman world for their groundbreaking TV series Dropped, but they would also want you to know that they are dads, husbands, hunters, anglers, guides and leaders in everything they do. In addition to co-founder, Casey is taking on the roles of Head of Development and Programming at BeAlive, whose aim is to produce original videos for the social mobile generation by inspiring, entertaining, informing, and connecting with outdoor adventure and sport fanatics through short-form content. A hockey fan, craft beer lover, and self-proclaimed thrill seeker, Casey loves inspiring others around him to #BeAlive. “I live off the adrenaline and the solitude I find in the most remote corners of the world,” Casey says. “This is how I charge my batteries.”

Chris Keefer
BeAlive co-founder Chris Keefer, the eldest of the Keefer brothers, can go from fingerless gloves and a skull cap to suit and tie in a single bound, and is often described as inspirational, driven, and a thrill seeker. One of his greatest journeys so far was floating more than 100 miles over 30 days on the wild rivers that tame the mountains of the South Island of New Zealand. Of course, nothing can compare to being pronounced dead after a car accident in 2007, yet pulling through to live to tell these stories. “Today I run mountains and I can see clearer than before my accident…I know what it’s like to not be here and I want to live life to the fullest while I am,” Chris says.

Tracy Benson
Best known for her vision and leading teams ranging from seed-stage start-ups to $50 billion public companies, BeAlive Chief Distribution Officer Tracy Benson is also an avid outdoor fanatic and an adventurer. Benson served as Global Chief Marketing Officer at Monster, where she launched Beats by Dr. Dre — one of the most iconic brands in recent history — and led Product and Digital Marketing Groups at Best Buy, where she helped bring to market products like GoPro. She previously spent more than six years with Home Depot managing market development, merchandising, and operations for stores across the country. A former professional volleyball player, she graduated from Western Illinois University and has a MBA from the University of Notre Dame.

Jason Brown
Jason Brown is no stranger to the forefront of outdoor television and media. In fact, in 2011 he was hard at work with Casey Keefer and Chris Keefer laying the blueprint for their groundbreaking production house, Rusted Rooster. Birthed from the minds of three friends who share a passion for capturing, documenting and conveying the outdoor lifestyle on the screen, Rusted Rooster has forever changed the outdoor television landscape with its hit expedition adventure series Dropped. Committed to working with best in outdoor storytellers, Brown now oversees production for BeAlive, bringing together his love for travel and the outdoors, production design, filming, and editing. When he’s not working to bring a story to life, Brown is pursuing his passions for coaching, hunting, and DIY renovations of all kinds.

Zachary Green
As an Executive Producer with over 15 years experience in the entertainment industry, Zach has wide-ranging experience producing series for both cable and broadcast networks in some of the most remote regions of the planet. He began his career on CBS’s Survivor, and has overseen production on projects including Discovery Channel’s ‘American Chopper’ and ‘Out of the Wild’, Animal Planet’s ‘Raw Nature’, as well as History Channel’s ‘Top Shot’. Prior to joining as Head of BeAlive Studios Zach held the positions of Executive Producer at Kinetic Content, VP of Programming of Banijay Studios North America, and most recently served as Executive Producer of History’s groundbreaking survival series ‘Alone’. Green’s passion for the outdoors, and love of adventure has had a great impact not only in how he tackles every project, but on the way he lives his life. BeAlive is the perfect place to tell epic stories about adventure seekers from all corners of the globe, and in his role at the studio Green has found the ideal home.

Mark Peterson
Growing up in the rolling hills near Lake Michigan, BeAlive Co-founder Mark Peterson had his first wilderness experience camping with his dad, at age four, as more than a foot of snow fell during the middle of January. Today, in addition to running sales and partnerships for BeAlive, Peterson is also an experienced international guide and founder of MVP Outdoor Adventures, showcasing adventure hunts across the globe. Driven by adventure, outdoor experiences, and relationships, Peterson is a leader in teaching that hunting is oftentimes the best form of conservation.


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