Recess 001

Salmon & Smiles

The Alaska Odyssey

Cooper Landing ‘22

The river is striking. Fish are big. Mosquitoes are many. Beer is cold. Bourbon is dignified. Fire is toasty. Cabin is comfy. Company is quirky. Days are long. Food is fresh. Fun will be had. Any questions? You may not chase salmon, but don’t let that stop you from chasing smiles! The inaugural recess was a blast. Salmon were caught and smiles were had. It’s Alaska…need we say more? Take a look!

June 2022:  We always have “great ideas” , usually ones that start with a VERY simple statement that then turn into something so elaborate we have no clue how we will actually pull it off.

This time however, it all worked out. With what started as a we should get out of here turned into lets go fishing up north, to lets go fishing in Alaska, to lets get more people, to lets have a happy hour, to that was a blast…For a week we fished some of the most beautiful rivers in the world, had great company and met awesome individuals just like us. That's what recess is all about. We will be back and hopefully next time with an even bigger crew.

From the minute we set foot on the Kenai Peninsula until the day we left, the trip lived up to all the hype.”


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