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At BeAlive we believe in progress over perfection in our effort to protect the places we play. Through our brand, Rivers are Life, we aim to bring you inspirational, ecosystem-saving stories from River Heroes all around the globe. Our engagement with the global river protection community takes an inside look at how individuals and organizations are healing our vital rivers. Improving and protecting our river systems is the key to global ecological health. The path to river conservation connects us- to each other and to our planet.

Inspiring action to protect, preserve, and explore our world’s rivers.

What We Do

Rivers are Life brings broad scale awareness to initiatives all over the world that are producing real, positive impact on vital river systems in three simple ways.


Rivers are Life produces many forms of media. Stories, films, and podcasts that bring broad-scale awareness to change-makers all across the world who are creating real, positive impact on vital river systems. Backed by world class production. These are a must see.

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River Heroes are individuals, organizations and businesses who are dedicated to making a difference in local communities one river at a time. Our River Heroes are knowledgeable, community-based advocates making a difference in science, technology, human impact, wildlife, natural biodiversity and more.

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Rivers are Life Projects make a positive impact on the river ecosphere. Each Project is scalable through the supportive collaborators who share common values and goals. Our Projects often focus on education, water quality and ecosystem health, as well as solutions to address waste.

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86% of respondents agree that river pollution greatly affects human health, but more than half (57%) have little to no knowledge about how to clean it up.

"State of Rivers Around the World" survey

Why rivers?

Nearly 90% of the earth’s population lives within walking distance of a river system. Even so, these life-providing rivers are on the verge of collapse. Our focus on river health and conservation efforts help improve community and environmental health by removing pollutants from the very sources that feed into our oceans.

Ecological Importance

River ecosystems are of immense importance due to their contribution to the overall health of our planet. They serve as a lifeline for countless species, providing them with essential resources for survival.

Economic Importance

Rivers are economic powerhouses, driving agriculture, trade, energy production, tourism, and recreation. It is essential to recognize the value of rivers beyond their economic contributions.

Recreational Importance

Rivers are not just bodies of water; they are powerful and awe-inspiring forces of nature. When it comes to recreational activities, rivers have something for everyone and play a vital role in overall health and well-being

Cultural Importance

Rivers have played a significant role in shaping culture throughout history. They have served as a source of life and sustenance for civilizations, providing water for drinking, irrigation, and transportation.

In The Know

What's Happening

More than digital content, these stories and films, produced by Rivers are Life, bring broad-scale awareness to change-makers all across the world who are creating real, positive impact on vital river systems.

"State of Rivers Around the World" Survey

Rivers are Life, in partnership with Louisiana State University (LSU), sought to answer in the inaugural multinational, multicultural, and cross-generational “State of Rivers Around the World” survey. The global survey gathered insights from 6,645 people throughout 14 countries and four continents, including North America, South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Get Involved

You can join BeAlive's commitment to support Rivers are Life by donating toward supporting Rivers are Life River Hero organizations. Through our round-up program, a donation can be added to every purchase that directly supports the designated River Hero Organizations.

In our shop, just select the item, click to round-up, select the River Hero you would like to support and check out. It's that simple.

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