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Rivers Are Life

Rivers are Life is on a mission to raise awareness of the true force and fragility of our river systems while showcasing their interconnectedness with all of us, our planet’s wildlife, and the ocean waste problem. Created to serve as a collective voice for global river ecosystems, Rivers are Life is comprised of River Heroes- organizations and businesses dedicated to making a difference in local communities one project at a time. In sharing the stories of our waterways and those working to protect them, Rivers are Life believes we can cultivate a greater awareness of the importance of our planet’s rivers while driving innovative solutions, inspiring sustainability, and addressing waste.

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Meet The River Heroes

Rivers are Life River Heroes are those who have set out to protect and restore river ecosystems around the world. They are finding solutions to the pollution and waste issues faced by our planet’s waterways.

The Conservation Kid


When young Cash Daniels learned that 80% of trash in the ocean comes from rivers, he knew he couldn’t wait for someone else to take action.

Round-up Organization: Cleanup Kids Limited

Get Involved

You can join our commitment to support Rivers are Life by donations toward supporting Rivers are Life River Hero organizations. Through our round-up program, a donation can be added to every purchase to directly support our Highlighted River Heroes. Just select the item, click to round-up, select the River Hero you would like to support and check out.

For more information on Rivers are Life and how to join their movement, click below.