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Eldest Keefer Brother. Gym rat, early bird, adrenaline junkie, whitetail expert. Keeping the trademark beard trimmed and tight. He loves the outdoors almost as much as he loves his family. Nearly losing his life in a car accident in his daily reminder. So he now lives each day to the fullest…and that means getting out into this wide world. On “Dropped”, he’s survived conditions you never want to experience. On “Rival Wild,” he’s shot monster bucks you dream to encounter. If no one else can do it, Chris wants in on that action. Stomached a rutted up wild goat in the Yukon. And if you think that’s easy, then you’ve never eaten wild goat.

Slept 200+ nights on the ground
Discovered 3 gold rush miner cabins
Traveled 1,000 miles by raft
Spent 9 days waiting out a storm in a tent
Survived 1 wolf attack
Spent 20 days over 7,000 feet

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