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One half of the Keefer Brothers. As seen on TV: “Dropped” and “Rival Wild.” He’s got a whole ‘lotta passion, and a heck of a lot of respect for the great outdoors. Doesn’t matter if he’s in the Alaskan wilderness and hasn’t eaten in days…the first fish Casey catches goes right back in the water. A firm believer in repaying Mother Nature when she gives you a gift. He’s survived weeks in the most remote of places with nothing but his brother and a firearm. He’s an avid whitetail hunter, passionate fly fisherman, and proud family man. Then, that beard speaks for itself.

Built 700+ fires
Gone 9 straight days without food
Spent 15 days eating an entire caribou
Went 37 consecutive days without a shower
Escaped a 9-foot sow grizzly charge
Packed 2,000 pounds of meat out of the bush

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